22/12/05: A new rewritten version of Jux is in git now, and is compatible with Dr Alban. It's currently a little light on features, but these are slowly going back in and being made "new and improved." There are likely to be a few bugs lying around as it's mostly new code, so a bit of testing would be much appreciated.
Juxtapose is a python client for the XMMS2 music daemon which uses the GTK2 toolkit. It tries to be a pretty decent all round music player, which can do a couple of nifty things but is still reasonably lightweight. It's released under the GPL so is free for the likes of yous.
The latest beta realease:
Juxtapose v0.1 - api-compatible with XMMS2 DR2
To checkout the latest source using cogito:
cg-clone rsync://git.xmms.se/xmms2/juxtapose.git/ juxtapose
To download the latest snapshot:
Snapshots - automatically generated on changes to the source
Gentoo ebuilds:
You can also browse the source tree and peer at a changelog through a nice web interface to git.
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If you've found any bugs, want a feature putting in, or any of that other stuff put them in on the tracker:
You can reach me by e-mail at:
You can also try to find me on #xmms2 on irc.freenode.org lurking somewhere under the name orphans.
Cheers to all the XMMS2 guys for making it and for hosting all my stuff on git, and also to everyone who has reported bugs so far. Also thanks to Ycarus for making the ebuilds.
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